Friday, January 30, 2015

Confessions of a fabriholic who likes to poke the bear.

Soooo I tried to use another drawer in the file cabinet only to find it was filled with fabric.  If I didn't really believe I had a problem before (I didn’t), I do now.  I gutted the drawer and also found some old papers I wrote in college.  They made me laugh.  Except for some poor (well immature, really) writing, I really haven't changed.  (Well, my pant size has, but that's not the point.)  It's nice to know that after 10 years of disillusionment and overexposure to the "real world" I still believe that every child can learn and we must do everything in our power to facilitate that, even if it means we must relinquish control at times.  Oh, and I also reread my 10 page paper on Polygamy and Bigamy.  That was funny.  I remember I has some really fanatical students in my class and I got tired of their constant misguided preaching at some more alternative students minding their own business in our class.  This was a cumulative paper that we had to present orally and everyone in the class had to listen respectfully.  I had a lot of fun with that paper and maaaaay have delighted a little too much in seeing them get riled up, but not be able to interrupt my presentation.  Everything I wrote was true, but I maaaay have put a finer point on it than was strictly necessary just to see them squirm.  I even sited the Bible for many of the references which had them whipping theirs out, (Whipping out their Bibles! Get your mind out of the gutter!) only to find I really had done my research, much to their chagrin.  Aside from the satisfaction I got from goading people that weren't doing unto others as they would have done unto them, I was still proud of my research and writing and wonder why I don’t do it more now.  Oh, right!  The homework assignments you have as a non-student adult usually involve doing something at home like the never ending story that is laundry, or fixing the door that keeps getting stuck, or picking up the trash that is now scattered all over the yard and half the pasture because it is Kansas and the wind never stops.  Oh, well.  Things change, but the important things don’t.  I wouldn't hesitate to take up for the underdog again and put things in perspective.  Who is anyone, really, to say how someone should live?  So long as you are not hurting anyone and I am not funding your lifestyle choices, go for it.  If I am funding them, get off the couch, put out your cigarette, and get a job THEN continue on as you wish.       

Please Note: No religious zealots, alternative believers, non-believers, or other believers were hurt in the writing of this post.  Well, maybe someone’s feelings were hurt, but it wasn't intentional I’m a big fan of the First Amendment, so get over it.